KnownHost Reviews


   ”thanks guys, it’s because KH are the best, most reliable web hosts I’ve ever dealt with”

   ”…better support, and cheaper servers than that. Very reliable as well.”

   ”Save a ton on hosting by switching over to them too.”

   ”they made the transition from my old hosting company simple and painless. Thanks!!!”

   ”We’ve been using KnownHost for one year and it’s the best move we ever made. “

   ” is on VS3 package. Highly recommended :)

   ”… so is since tonight! :) finally I managed to move it all over to the KH servers and it runs perfectly smooth so far.”

   ”KnownHost is the best! :) Using KH for project and satellites”

   “We’ve been a customer of KnownHost for 5 years and have had nothing but outstanding service with you.”    

   “I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend KnownHost to anyone and i plan to order some more servers in the near future.”        

   ”We’ve been a customer now for over a year and have nothing but great things to say about your services.”

   ”I never have experienced the level of support and skill in ANY type of service industry as they have given to us at”  

   ”This time round, we make a switch to Knownhost and it was the best decision we made this year.”

   ”Your support team was very helpful and patient with me and addressed all my concerns and issues quickly and with the utmost …”

   ”Since moving to KnownHost in December 2006, our site has not been down or unavailable for one second.”

   ”I was up and running fast, customer service has been patient in answering all of my questions, and they helped me get my …”

   ”After a full year of working with Known host, I am happy to say that I have experienced the wonderful service that I read about.”

   ”KnownHost has provided me the best hosting experience I’ve ever had.”

   ”Your tech support goes above and beyond what they should to help resolve issues quickly and respectfully”

   ”If I had to think of one “single” word to describe the Knownhost support staff is “exemplary!“”

   ”I can honestly say that if this level of support continues it will make KnownHost a very sought after host.”

   ”I am yet to have to wait more than 10 minutes for a support ticket to be answered and the uptime has always been….. UP!!!!”

   ”Your support guy Andrew is a living legend. He helped me fix some problems and really knows what he is doing.”

   ”I signed up with your company for two reasons, price, and semi-managed servers. Your technical support has exceeded all my …”

   ”The support team is very knowledgeable, and quick to respond and help.”

   ”Amazing! I had always hated to use the “support ticket” system, as in other places it is always slow slow slow. But you guys …”

   ”You guys have something special going for you and I hope it continues into the future.”

   ”I am so confident that with this kind of professional and superior support, our businesses will do great.”

   ”You can bet on some positive bragging in the hosting forums for you guys.”

   ”Communication with sales and tech support was outstanding. Great hosting at a great price.”

   ”If any of you are considering getting a VPS, I cannot praise this company enough.”

   ”The servers are fast, great support, great price, and a great attitude.”

   ”I Love KnownHost! I have been with them for over a year now and have nothing but a good experience!”

   ”If you are looking to scale up a web-based company from small to medium deployments, KnownHost is the best.”

   ”Fantastic, Quick, and Friendly. Best customer support I’ve ever seen.”

   ”Knownhost was incredibly friendly and helpful. I noticed a big speed increase in my site.”

   ”The KnownHost support team is clearly top-notch. The VPS (California datacenter) is also blazing fast and is working great!”

   ”Honest web hosting company, offering best quality hosting services at affordable price.”

   ”The price is very reasonable compared to other companies. We are getting many features at low cost.”

   ”I have been using knownhost for a couple of years now and they have been great. Overall great customer service”

   ”I’m still new to knownhost but I must say that anytime I have a problem, knownhost is right there to help.”

   ”There isn’t a nicer bunch of folks on the planet. They really, really understand how to get your problems solved, which is very nice.”

   ”I have been with KnownHost for a number of months now and they have been very reliable and a great deal of help.”

   ”If you are considering a virtual private server, definitely give Knownhost a look.”

   ”The account transfer was simple and now I can easily up grade my account according to my needs. Highly recommended.”

   ”I love Knownhost and I’m very glad I found them as the provider for my second reseller hosting account.”

   ” simply offers the best hosting, service, support, and uptime of any host I’ve used.”

   ”I benchmarked my VPS with unixbench, and it was amazing. Best support, awesome vps performance, and the prices are…”

   ”To sum this all up, I will be staying with KnownHost, for the impeccable support, service and hospitality.”

   ”Glad to see some other folks loving the knownhost style, as I’m happy with them also.”

   ”Part of my business requires me to make quick decisions, so I was looking for a host that would accommodate that from the beginning.”

   ”I just send in a support ticket and I get a prompt answer that is specific to my question, not just a pre-formed “canned” response.”

   ”…exceptional people and the service is the best ever! Great hardware, excellent bandwidth…”

   ”They offer 24/7 live support via chat, and phone. The price is very low compared to other companies.”

   ”Great job KnownHost…keep it up!”

   ”I will recommend KnownHost to everyone who needs best service and support”

   ”I’ve been with KnownHost for 9 Months. Definitely happier than I was with my last host.”

   ”Their explanations are clear and precise and they respond within 10 minutes usually.”

   ”a friend referred – I was sold on knownhost since he liked them so much and hadn’t found any catch or potential for getting ripped off.”

   ”I am another satisfied 9 months KnownHost customer. Recommended!”

   ”I have a reseller account with them, and they do a fantastic job. (If they didn’t, I would move elsewhere.)”

   ”The staff at KnownHost are dedicated to what they do and here to provide quality customer service and support.”

   ”The peace of mind I have with KnownHost is worth every penny.”

   ”I have been with Knownhost for over a year now and they have been excellent.”

   ”Ever since I start hosting my business site with Knownhost hybrid VPS, I am not giving an eye to my website.”

   ”Just one more reason that I’m completely satisfied with KnownHost up to this point.”

   ”have been with knownhost for nearly one year now – support and uptime are nothing short of excellent.”

   ”I just want to take this opportunity to say thanks to their teams who help me to setup my first vps account.”

   ”The customer service has been great since I had issues at first running a vps and needed a managed system to get me going.”

   ”KnownHost has been great. Awesome support and uptime.”

   ”I can honestly say that I’ve never had a host that was THIS responsive, agile, and willing to help in any situation.”

   ”…greeted by a tech, who not ONLY talked to “me” the whole time, but answered my questions immediately, with lots of enthusiasm.”

   ”Knownhost has 24/7 monitoring on all of its servers so I have never had to worry about reliability at all.”

   ”I’ve been with KnownHost for a little over six months now, and figured it’s time to throw in another thumbs up review…”

   ”My Final Overall KnownHost Rating: 10/10″

   ”Overall KnownHost is a great company and I will continue to stay with them as long as no big problems arise.”

   ”From the beginning the support and uptime has been topnotch.”

   ”Now I can see my site hosted with the best provider online.”

   ”KnownHost provides 100% uptime. My sites didn’t face any downtime in my experience.”

   ”They make a soft landplace for a shared host user looking to move up.”

   ”KnownHost is the most reliable webhosting company.”

   ”A network reliability of 99.9% uptime servers made me happy in working with KnownHost.”

   ” My advice is, give KnownHost a try. I’m very content.”

   ”I really love the Reseller Hosting from KnownHost. It has opened my eyes to new opportunities that I did not know existed before.”

   ”This VPS is pure grease lighting. Even the WordPress Admin Panel is zippy.”

   ”Knownhost’s pricing is great.”

   ”KnownHost is an excellent company. Support is very friendly and fast.”

   ”When I saw the prices Knownhost was offering, I was very excited about signing up with them.”

   ”Responsive and courteous. Great support. I like their user interface.”

   ”My VPS got setup in 3 minutes (not joking here) and my first ticket also got responded to in 3 minutes.”